Irish Pavilion , Hannover World EXPO

The Pavilion and its exhibition is devised as an abstracted evocation of the Irish landscape, fusing natural and manufactured elements in a manner which symbolises the dynamism, creativity, sophistication and optimism of contemporary Ireland. The most evocative of humankind’s many imprints on the Irish landscape is in the use of stone especially in the ubiquitous field wall. These walls provide the inspiration for the Irish pavilion. The Pavilion contrasts the tactile, rugged and noble expression of undressed stone with polished stone, glass, galvanised sheeting, and a stylised landscape.

The building is also a paradigm for good bio-climatic and sustainable building practice in temperate climatic zones. Over five months, we had almost 2.2 million visitors out of a total visitor number for EXPO of 18 million.

Winner RIAI best overseas project 2000.

In collaboration with MOLA